Alex Preston
digital artist / game designer / entrepreneur / knowitall
Asher Vollmer
Somewhere between creativity and neurosis. Creator of Threes, Royals, Guildlings.
Greg Batha
Bit Bit Blocks creator, Hero Forge gui guy
Brendon Chung
does everything at Blendo Games
realtime vfx, game engines, anthropology, bicycles
Beau Blyth
Making Tormentor X Punisher, Hyper Light Drifter, creator of Samurai Gunn, 0Space...
Russell Honor
Perfect Stride / thatgamecompany
Ben Esposito
alt game maker, DIY fake horse, previously level designer for The Unfinished Swan
Rachel Sala
botanical tadpole habitats, amphibian art, frog arithmetic
Atley Louthridge
entrepreneurial spirit, programming games, running Code Camp
Ben Vance
THE Buffalovision, dinosaur lover, ex-17-BIT (skulls of the shogun) ex-EA (dont get him started), now venturing into the wild unknowns
Alejandro Quan-Madrid
radical writer, game researcher, indiecade social media
Jacob Knipfing
made games @arcanekids
Pendleton Ward
Blender enthusiast, writing/developing for VR
Tyler Hutchison
A modern day wizard and gentlemen. Working on Waba and Die Homer.
Miriam Nagi
climbing, art, ssssssnakes
Teddy Dief
indie game heartthrob. hyper light drifter. ½ of Rad Dragon. made Shove Pro. former Disney/Microsoft
Lily Nishita
graphic design / illustration / concept art
Sam Farmer
Designer currently making Last Life, previously BBC Worldwide Games
Seiji Tanaka
game animator/programmer
Evan Hemsley
code / design / music // working on @FailsafeGame // creator of @vapor_fm
Tynan Wales
making games, making mistakes. previously level designer on Bioshock 2
Akira Thompson
Game Designer, GDC Indie Summit advirsory board member, helps with Indiecade, also works in theme parks.
Waba VR director, film maker
Lisa Brown
Game Designer in Residence at Harrisburg U. Imaginal, Hyper Light Drifter designer. Previously Insomniac.
Casey Hunt
visual amalgamist | philosopher monk | protothesis | previously of Three Legged Legs