A collective of independent artists and game makers.

A shared cooperative studio space.

An incredible community.


Glitch City started as a group of independent artist and game dev friends looking for a shared place to create and collaborate. In early 2013, our not-for-profit studio and collective was founded.


We're multi-disciplined creators from different fields, with many of us coming from an experienced industry background. Our projects are run independently, but may have multiple Glitch members working together.

Over time, we've grown into an event and community hub for the indie games community in Los Angeles.


We’re always looking for new groups and people to collaborate with. If you have a project (we’re fond of arts, alt media, and worthwhile causes), get in touch.


We love meeting cool new people! Glitch City is a focused community of members that evolves slowly over time, so we're not open for drop-in visits.

Feel like you'd make a great fit here? The membership process begins with us getting to know you. Visit us at one of our community events and chat with us!

Membership is more than just working at the space, and being a part of Glitch requires DIY spirit and community participation. If you're still interested, apply for membership!

If you have a special use-case, drop us a line.


Our email and social media do not have a dedicated manager!

Your best bet is to contact a member you know personally.
Otherwise, shoot us an email:


We've moved, again, and again!

Glitch City
2500 W 8th St. Ste 206
LA, CA 90057